Building Inspectors

Hours: 9am to Noon

Village Office Phone: 309-633-2058

Working Days: Tuesday & Thursdays

Tom Schepke -
Building Coordinator 309-397-1588

    Greg Cowen - Building Inspector 309-370-2500

        Gene Heller - Electrical Inspector 309-657-1916

            Tim Quinn - Plumbing Inspector 309-472-8426

                Pat Meyer - Engineer

Permit Packages including required forms, instructions and ordinances can be picked up at the Village Hall.  

After approval of permit, contact the appropriate inspector 2 weeks in advance to schedule your inspection and call them 48 hours before you begin your project to inform the inspector of your schedule.

The permit applicant is responsible for all inspections and a stop work order will be issued if inspections are not being scheduled.
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